The studio's product design expertise seamlessly blends intuitive thinking, innovative aesthetics and smart engineering to create simple yet unique solutions. The team strives to provide a range of perspectives that challenge the obvious and look at solutions through a multifaceted lens. The studio firmly believes in collaborative practices that allow team members to extend their capabilities within a project by building relevant expertise for every stage including ideation, consumer insights, engineering and deployment. Our understanding of diverse processes helps the studio straddle categories and infuses relevant knowledge into every new project.

Creative engineering - The engineering team provides comprehensive expertise in the areas of metal technologies, plastic manufacturing processes, packaging as well as print technology. All concepts are provided with a manufacturing perspective, thus minimising the concept generation loss. Cross-functional teams operate within the studio to minimise errors and build best practices within every process. Simulations and iterations are an integral part of all processes, thus allowing for refinement and honing of every design solution.

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